Mountain Equipment Eclipse Hoodie

After a long hard look at my outdoor wardrobe, I decided I needed to slim down the amount of equipment I have in my closet. I have been focusing on quality of gear over quantity and this hoodie by Mountain Equipment is a perfect example of an absolute must for various outdoor activities.

The hoodie is made of a grid style Polartec material that is nice and soft against the skin, but tough enough to avoid snags that may occur while being awesome. The grid pattern allows for warmth with plenty of breath-ability provided by the lines of the pattern.

img_3845Depending on the Women’s vs Men’s style the pockets are located in different locations. I love the location of the women’s pocket, it is

located on the left bicep, large enough to fit a credit card, cash, and a key while you are on the go. The men’s is located on the left chest area allowing for a larger pocket.

Eclipse in action on a cross country ski trip. Also pictured is the Outdoor Research Echo tee.

The half zip is also perfect for controlling the temperature while active or hanging around. The hoodie sports an angulated zipper that keeps the zipper off your chin and makes a lower face mask possible.

The final piece that makes this a must have in my bag is the hood. The hood is skin tight and fits under my climbing and skiing helmets. When I want to go light it acts as a replacement for a hat and face covering.

This is truly a must have for the mid-layer in your life.


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