The Portable Keg

I have been enjoying draft beverages for 4 years now and have come to expect a great deal out of my receptacle for carrying brews to and from the tap house. This last year I have been putting the miles on a growler by the company DrinkTanks. This behemoth carries a staggering 128 oz of liquid with ease and grace.

You may be wondering about my health or the fizziness of the beverage after the 24 hr initial drinking period has passed. Worry no more. This growler comes with a tap, that’s right, a tap that allows the drinker to charge the growler with CO2 and keep the fizzy fresh for days. The Keg Cap comes with a device uses 1 gram CO2 cartridges to pressurize the tank via a port on the keg cap. For first time users, do not make the same mistake I made, please pour yourself a drink before tapping it for your friends or for your future self. If the tank is charged before a pint is poured you will have a full on Mt. Brewsuvius on your hands and your kitchen ceiling will be covered in perfectly good brew.

The cap design for both the regular cap and the keg cap are my favorite I have found so far. The cap is clipped on via two external fasteners, which means no threads. I have had issues with other steel growlers leaking from the threaded caps, and no matter how much I like drinking brews, I cannot stand my car smelling like stale beer.

The tank can also take care of your warm drink needs. I recently went out with my family and brought the keg along full of hot water to make cocoa and apple cider. I did not use the keg cap for this outing, but the regular cap held up to the elevation gain and the steam pressure like a champ. The water was sill piping hot after a few hours in a cold car, making my 2 year-old niece excited for cocoa and mallows after some high-powered snow play.

Cleaning the keg cap tubing can be a bit of a bear, but I find that I can pour hot water through after each use and keep any staining or gunk from building up in the tubing. The company does not suggest using soap in the tube, I would think vinegar would be sufficient if you need some extra cleaning power. To clean the tank I just boil some water, add some vinegar and salt, shake it vigorously with the regular cap on and rinse a few times.

They have tons of colors and also have the tank in a 64 oz size if you are not sure the 128 oz is right for you. I have purchased my brother and sister their own and they have had great things to say as well. Happy drinking my friends.


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