High Voltage Travel

Boogying around the world and trying to stay connected to your blog can be a test of battery life and patience. Like all things in life, batteries included, will fade without a boost now and again. I will be heading out soon and trying to tackle the issue of keeping things charged while traveling off the teat of a wall plug. The tools I have are simple, the RAD Ram, the sun, and the un-expecting coffee shop outlet. I will harness these tools with a quiver of energy drawing devices in order to bring awesome blog posts and photos to the inter-webs.

First the RAD Ram, the obvious bonus that comes with driving a car around is the power one can take from the 12v power outlet. I can plug-in a USB adapter to charge phones, cameras, and other small electronics while driving from destination to destination. The best part about this is that the adapters are cheap! A dual USB adapter will run just over 5$ and allow you to charge two devices at once.
The car charger that I have been using for the past few months works great to charge my GoPro batteries and my iPhone simultaneously while I drive to each destination. The GoPro Hero4 Dual Charger is totally helpful since it charges two batteries at once. It also comes with an extra battery included with the charger.  I have also added a Session5 to my camera setup and will be working out a charging scheme once it arrives.

The sun will be helpful while the RAD Ram is on the road and hanging out in the parking lot catching some rays. I have been super stoked on the performance of my Goal Zero Sherpa 50 Solar Recharging Kit with InverterThe Sherpa and the included Nomad solar panel allow for charging via the burning ball of gas in the sky. What makes this piece of gear so helpful to the traveler is the ability to charge items that need more than just a USB connection to charge. I can charge my MacBook Pro with the Sherpa, which allows me to keep the blog posts and generally neat information flowing while on the road. The Nomad solar panel that comes in the kit can also charge USB devices directly, which means you can leave the Sherpa at home and carry a lighter charging option. I can also charge up my evening mood lighting with the help of the sun, Luci Lights are some of the coolest little gadgets I have in the RAD Ram. They bake in the sun during the day so my evenings can be lit up with these little inflatable orbs of happiness. They are also a total hit floating in the hot springs at night.

Like most up and coming bloggers one would think I would find myself the coolest looking shop to sit in while charging a multitude of devices and writing my thoughts on… how to charge a multitude of devices. But this is false. I don’t like paying for coffee and sitting around a coffee shop all day waiting for my stuff to charge, the coffee shop doesn’t like it much either because I doubt I will be able to sip my 8 oz coffee slow enough to justify my long tenure in a corner with their wall outlet. But, if for some reason I am finding myself with no other option I will break down and find the nearest place that has the WiFi and the wall adapters I need. I would also mention that the laundromat is a great place to kill time while getting the suds on your duds. Most places now have the WIFI and the wall outlets to make your batteries fresh while you wait for your undies.

Happy charging my friends.


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