Putting Life on Notice

Today I gave my two weeks notice at my job. I have been wondering about what my goals are in life recently, what exactly makes my heart pound and gives me a feeling of fulfillment. The answer was not my current position. I had purchased my Mountain Collective pass for this year last spring at a killer rate of 359$, and had been scheming on how to make up for the explosion of my left knee last year in J-Hole. For the last three months I have been saving, and scheming, and saving some more waiting for a spark of adventure or a grand idea of how to break free of my current situation. With my knee on the mend and my skiing improving beyond my skills on a snowboard I have decided I will go for the Collective trip again, but this time on my own.

It is a scary thing to drop the security of a job, plan a trip, and embark on your own into the unknown of a 4 week cross country trip. Though this trip will take me from one fancy ski town to the next, it is not the lack of amenities that makes this journey seem so daunting, it is the lack of someone to distract me from the uninterrupted introspection that could take place. I am afraid to allow myself to delve too deeply into my own thoughts, what will I find there within the quieter parts of my mind?

I find myself looking forward to meeting new people, I feel like it is easier to make new connections when you are free of friends that make you feel safe and comfortable in your own bubble of conversation. The lack of security that comes with traveling solo makes you branch out more than I think possible within a group, there is also freedom in being able to flex a plan to fit the ever changing dynamics of the experience ahead. OR, I will be reading a lot, which is nice too.

The title of this post is “Putting Life on Notice”, the idea that you can make decisions that change the direction of your life so completely with a simple thought turned to action. I saw a great post online recently that said “you weren’t born to just pay bills and die”, this is in essence what my new mantra in life is to be. I plan to take jobs that steer me towards happiness, take trips that fuel my heart, and make friends that expand my world. I don’t want to just pay bills, I want to live beyond my career path, I want to love what I do and do what I love. This is the revamp of Burly Mountain Woman, this is me sharing how I am going to make my life more than just a job and bills. I want to share my experiences in trying to make this blissful idea a reality. I am going to try my hardest to divulge even the most frustrating and challenging portions of this change in living. This blog is no longer going to be a snapshot of the best of my life,  but a map of the best and and most educational experiences I have while making this crazy thing called life into an amazing adventure. I am terrified and elated to begin.


One Comment on “Putting Life on Notice

  1. Beth, do what feels like fear now. That’s what leads to the best kind of growth. You don’t need an anchor to set sail yet. When you do need one, it will appear as if its sudden appearance in your life was planned all along. If you need an interruption to introspection call me.

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