Ski Bum Pilgrimage

As I pour over the maps I have created and the resorts that are to be explored, I have come to the conclusion that the best way for this pass to be used is to make two become one. This morning I woke up with the idea of cutting out the two return trips through Idaho and Eastern Oregon that add mileage totaling in the ball park of 1,200 miles. Why not turn the two comfortable trips into one to rule them all. The trip I am purposing will be around 40 days long, 5,500 miles round trip, with 35 days of skiing possible.

I looked up the word “pilgrimage” and found a definition that suits my vision perfectly. Pilgrimage (noun)- life viewed as a journey. I will no longer refer to this journey as a trip. It is no longer a quick trip around to a few spots, it is now a way of life. 40 plus days of living on the road, skiing hard, eating PBJ sandwiches, and meeting new pals. This pilgrimage is a gateway to a life I have longed to live.

I am currently attempting to secure places to park the rig using service for Couch Surfing. More to come on whether that is a viable option or not.

The nitty gritty of the plan is still forming, but the map is built and the stoke is high.

The Route Plan:

  • Steven’s Pass WA*
  • Whistler Blackcomb BC
  • Silver Star BC*
  • Lake Louise/Sunshine Village*
  • Whitefish MT**
  • Bridger Bowl MT*
  • Jackson Hole WY
  • Sun Valley ID
  • Snowbasin UT*
  • Alta/Snowbird UT
  • Aspen Snowmass CO
  • Crested Butte CO*
  • Telluride CO**
  • Taos NM
  • Angel Fire NM*
  • Arizona Skibowl*
  • Mammoth CA
  • Sierra-At-Tahoe CA*
  • Squaw CA

*Powder Alliance Resort (Black diamonds on map) **Not included in either pass


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