The Shirt I would Never Give You Off My Back.

On a fluke I came across an Outdoor Research Echo shirt on the clearance rack at Salem Summit, and it is by far the best clearance find I have found in a very long time! This shirt is featherlight, soft as silk, and breaths like you are running in your birthday suit. The fit is what I would consider a relaxed fit that doesn’t look like a unisex sack. There is just the right balance of not too tight in the arms or chest while keeping the torso free of extra material.  I was pleased to find that it had not been discontinued and snagged another three for my workout wardrobe, thus making all other shirts I have been holding onto for the sole purpose of working out simply useless.  Good news, they are on sale on Amazonfor less than $30.00.

I have been at work for the last month with just the one echo shirt and have had no issues snagging or seams busting from the near constant use and washing. This is the shirt that makes all the other shirts have an identity crisis.

Nice work OR, once again you set the bar high and keep me coming back for more.


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