The Mountain Collective Pass…

More like “The Ticket to Paradise“.  This pass is killer, $409 and you are on your way to cruising 2 days each at some of the best (and most expensive) resorts in the country PLUS 50% off additional days if you can’t get enough of the resort you are at! This is where most, including myself would be skeptical. You are asking “Now BMW you can’t be serious, what’s the catch?” and to that my friend I answer, not a single one to be found! There are no blackout dates, no secret gotchas in the fine print, and no BS, just pure unadulterated awesomeness for less than 20 bucks a day if you get around to most of the resorts… I just found a catch, you have to have the time and money to afford a trip to every resort on the pass. If you are like me, that is a road block I am willing to find a way around for such a great adventure.

You get 2 Days of skiing/riding each at all these resorts:



That is 22 days folks and then some if you can get overseas somehow, and if you can… Invite your friendly neighborhood blogger along to document the good times. The only catch I can find is the pass holder’s ability to dream up a way to make the road trip (or trips) of a lifetime. That is what I am here for. I will guide you through my own dreams, plans, and preparations for the greatest winter of my life to date.



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