Let’s Do The Time Warp Again

Today’s installment in the AlCannonball Run saga…

The Timing:

You might have noticed that Brad and I will be headed down the AlCan, or Alaska Canada Highway, in the dead of winter. You may be shaking your head in disbelief, or ready to send my mother flowers for our funeral… And I would agree with you if I hadn’t already traveled this road in August, March, and April. What I have learned is summer is a great season to travel the road, you enjoy frequent opportunities to stop and enjoy tourist traps a plenty, nice places to rest your head, open rest stops and most importantly, FUEL is everywhere! Though summer has it’s drawbacks, everyone and their brother knows about the awesomeness of summer. The road is congested, the Yukon territory is notorious for not being maintained, and everything is more expensive. Winter on the other hand  is cold, dark and if provoked, potentially deadly. These factors keep the roads clear, the potholes of the Yukon full of snow (flat roads!!), and just enough fuel stops to get you home. If you are well prepared, like I think I am, winter can be a really neat time to travel this area. When there is less traffic, there is more opportunity for nature to be present and fill your trip with beautiful memories.


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