De Norte Route Plan

I have been dreaming up this route for the last month and a half, heading to faraway lands to the North and East of my home in Oregon, to ride different mountains and meet new friends along the way. I have always wanted to be a free spirit, but at my core I am a planner. I like to have at least a general idea of what is in front of me before I take a jump, especially when I have sacrificed so much time (and a bit of sanity) to working a job far away from home.

The map has been a labor of love, I have compiled a few ideas on what I may need as I go along through these different areas, and promise to post on the finer details of important necessities like a cheap shower, great food, cool ski shop, tasty coffee, and places to park the RAD-mobile for the night (Ready Anytime Dude… The name is harder than I thought).

De Norte will cover all of the Northern MCP resorts, the Powder Alliance bonus resorts from my season pass, and a few bonus resorts for my own curiosity.

De Norte (In order from Salem, OR start):

  • Stevens Pass*
  • Whistler (B)
  • Silver Star*
  •  Lake Louise (C)
  • Sunshine Village (D)
  • Whitefish (E)**
  • Big Sky (H)**
  • Bridger Bowl*
  • Jackson Hole (G)
  • Sun Valley (F)

* Powder Alliance Resorts (Black Diamonds on map) **BMW add-ons 


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