AlCannonball Run

Gonna go Eastbound and down! The Alaskan section of my story ends, so I head back down the Alaska Canada Highway (Alcan for short) that has become far too familiar in the last 4 years. Similar to past trips, I will be driving a car that has around 235,000 miles on the odometer and hopefully a ton of life left in it. Enter Betty, the 2000 Xterra that has been a faithful companion for a year and a half. She may be 15, but she is most assuredly the raddest. While I am finishing up the last hitch up on the North Slope of Alaska she is getting outfitted with a new “moose light” system so I can see what is coming from a mile away during the darkest time of the year. I will break down my trip planning into a series of posts for you to enjoy and hopefully benefit from, the first being…

The Sidekick:

No road trip is complete without a loyal sidekick who, let’s face it is just as crazy as you are. My big brother Brad will be flying up to contribute and bare witness to a 49 hour drive from Anchorage Alaska to Salem Oregon. What Brad brings to the table… Music, jokes, and large amounts of gas. He will also be the trip’s photographer, if the North cooperates we will be getting one heck of a show from the Aurora Borealis. It is imperative that the crew can function well together on very little sleep and close quarters, this will be a true test of our growth from childhood… or a test of how long one of us can survive in the Canadian backcountry if a mutiny ensues. All jokes aside, I am super stoked to have him experience this trip with me.

The Photo:

Betty’s first trip north on the AlCan in front of one of the many mountain scenes that the highway traces along the way. Incidentally, about 5 minutes down the road we met one of many black bears that frequent the grass along the route.



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